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Two indie SaaS founders—one just getting off the ground, and one with an established profitable business—invite you to join their weekly chats.
Jun 19, 2022

Colleen Schnettler



Michele Hansen


Michele continues her chat with Summit founder Matt Wensing about ways indie SaaS founders can think about moats and competitive advantages. This episode: cost advantages, size advantages (big and small), and false moats.
Oct 18, 202233mins
Michele chats with Summit founder Matt Wensing about intangible assets, switching costs, and network effects, and how they apply to indie software companies.
Oct 11, 202253mins
Aaron Francis, Colleen's co-founder, swings by to chat about Refine.
Oct 4, 202234mins
Four things Colleen is super pumped about... and one thing she's not.
Sep 27, 202237mins
Colleen and Michele both have a lot going on.
Sep 20, 202251mins