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PROOF is your podcast for in-depth NFT coverage. On PROOF, we interview NFT artists, both up-and-coming and industry icons. We also cover the generative art scene, the NFT gaming/metaverse, and founders building new tools for creators and collectors.
Jun 19, 2022

Kevin Rose


On today's early-access episode, @NFTstats takes over for @Kro while the travel team prepares for the last leg of the EU roadshow tour. You'll see and hear NFTstats voice more frequently on the PROOF podcast with his deep research-based take on artists, projects, and all things NFT and beyond. Enjoy a look at Memeland's ecosystem, upcoming projects, and insight from an established web 2.0 company.
Oct 18, 202292mins
Kevin and Derek are joined by PROOF's very own NFtstatistics, who offers his usual data-backed hot takes on today's topics. QQL contract level block of x2y2, Punk 2924 3300 Eth Sale, Art Blocks Announces the end of Series projects, Christie's on-chain auction house, and Apple's NFT 30% cut.
Oct 7, 202284mins
Minters have played a role in NFT minting simply by deciding to mint and inserting randomization into the algorithm at that moment. QQL takes it a step further with a beautiful collaboration between famed generative artists Tyler Hobbs, Dandelion, and... you. QQL provides an interface to play with output parameters allowing all minters to explore artistic possibilities previously left to chance.
Sep 26, 202272mins
Kevin Rose and Derek Edward Schloss discuss the current state of artist royalty bypassing, and the controversial approach Magic Eden is taking to discourage royalty loss. They cover MOMA's decisions to auction work by Picasso, Bacon, Rousseau, and Renoir to expand the museum's digital presence, including the possible purchase of NFTs. And Kevin describes the moment he saw a $35,000 NFT frame taking a page from Tesla's early playbook.
Sep 21, 202256mins
OpenRarity is a new rarity protocol built by the NFT community for the NFT community. The project is a collaboration with OpenSea, Curio,, and PROOF. Today, Kevin Rose chats with Arran Schlosberg, VP of Engineering here at PROOF, who helped develop the mathematical algorithm, and Aadil Mamujee, Product Lead of the OpenSea Marketplace. OpenRarity website -
Sep 19, 202240mins