Peter Suhm (@petersuhm)

DMs are open, but often missed. Building @heyreform & hosting @outofbetapod!
Jun 19, 2022

Out of Beta


Matt’s Summit Chrome extension is live and he’s now thinking about new spaces to create calculators in, maybe even the stock market or currencies. Peter is still in customer research mode, trying to figure out who Reform is for and which markets to go after.
Oct 20, 202241mins
Matt is launching more new calculators which raises some questions about funding routes, while Peter gets asked some vexing questions by a young VC.
Oct 13, 202251mins
Being sick is tough on founders, but Peter is showing up and pushing through with Reform. Matt is getting ready for his Summit Chrome extension launch.
Sep 28, 202246mins
Matt is working like a mad scientist to eliminate onboarding for new Summit calculator users. A Chrome extension is the solution. Peter is running on low sleep, which is a challenge with two jobs. However, he can't afford to lose momentum now, so he keeps pushing.
Sep 15, 202249mins
This is the third part of three, where we tell the story about Eduflow. It's a crazy startup story with many unexpected twists and turns. If you like startups, you'll enjoy this one.
Sep 8, 202236mins