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Short, bite-sized conversations with indie hackers that have started small, profitable and bootstrapped businesses. You'll learn how they come up with ideas, what they do to validate, find those first customers and make a sustainable income. Episodes
Jun 19, 2022

James McKinven


Macgill Davis and Will Goto are two technical co-founders figuring out how to make you more productive with their product, Rize. They've bootstrapped the right way- with validation, conviction and cash up-front. Now onto the next stage.
Oct 4, 202217mins
Milly is truly embracing remote work, living on an island off the coast of Scotland with 170 people. From there, she's building a community of people that just haven't been thought much about before - generalists.
Sep 27, 202217mins
Dominik Sobe packed in his dreams of working as a management consultant, earning cushy money and travelling the world for free, to become a stressed-out, risk-taking indie hacker. Now with his product Helpkit making $4.5k MRR, is he happy with his new career?
Sep 26, 202216mins
Joe Masilotti is an all round top bloke. He's now just a top bloke who's making that juicy bootstrapped cash helping Rails developers get jobs. All while sneakily avoiding being labelled a recruiter. Smart man.
Sep 13, 202217mins
Geoff Roberts his co-founders at Outseta do things differently. They run a flat organisation, have ignored SEO, and have committed to 10-15 years to make the company work. They're in a super competitive and established market (CRM) but that's what they're betting on.
Sep 6, 202217mins