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Jun 19, 2022

Product Journey


In this episode, Ben is back! and they chat about how Ben has sold one of his SaaS. Noah shares how things have been going with Potion. At the end they talk a little bit about the progress made on their NFT project.
Feb 22, 202231mins
In this episode Noah has his wife Melissa on! They talk about what it's like to be a spouse of an entrepreneur and things that have helped them with the rollercoaster journey over the years. It's Valentines day!! Perfect time for an episode like this. If you have questions for Melissa feel free to ask them to Noah on Twitter!
Feb 14, 202226mins
In this episode it's just Noah. He talks about the question of is he a workaholic or not? Maybe this is something you have struggled with. If you have some thoughts be sure to reach out to Noah on Twitter!
Feb 7, 202210mins
Noah and Ben share how things are going at the beginning of 2022. Ben working on Allround and Noah working on Potion. Hope you enjoy it!
Jan 31, 202241mins
On this episode Noah and Ben go into their NFT project that they are working on. They don't talk about all of the details but they do talk about what its been like working in a new space, working together and the challenges of building an NFT. Enjoy!
Jan 24, 202240mins